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Ensure your reward strategies are based on fact not fiction with our powerful HR analytics platform. Make the right decisions about compensation, employee benefits and HR policies. Recruit and retain the very best talent at exactly the right price.

Our advanced analytical tools gather and examine employee data from organisations throughout the Offshore world. Get a clear, real-time picture of your firm’s position.

The intuitive interface lets you easily manipulate and interpret your data within the context of your local market and compare with other offshore jurisdictions.

It is quick & simple to collate, upload and amend your data within our secure & trusted platform. Sign up today to start comparing and bench marking your company’s HR metrics.


“Without data ​you are just another person​ with an opinion”


Data on Demand

Whether you are the Director of HR, the Finance Director of your business or in charge of Operations, the best decisions can only be made on the basis of the right data.

Decisions like:

  • How much should we invest in our Compliance team?
  • Should we provide critical illness, income protection, life insurance or all three?
  • What kind of salary might attract a senior digital marketing professional for a new role?
  • What annual salary increase if any, should we apply to an IT support technician with 8 years’ service?
  • What are our competitors doing in the area of catastrophic weather situations?

With a modern salary survey, you can log in from anywhere at anytime on any device and analyse your market data to answer these questions, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

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Benchmarking Tools

By aggregating anonymous information from dozens of leading companies in each sector we can provide you with an accurate picture of the market salary rates for hundreds of roles.

Unlike traditional salary surveys which are static, paper-based and difficult to manipulate, with HR Nectar you can sign into our platform at any-time and view dynamic data relevant to your organisation. Over time our benchmarking tools will become more sophisticated as we expand our data points and companies continue to refresh their data sets.

Multiple filters on an ever-increasing number of criteria such as age, gender, jurisdiction allow you to compare data across your organisation and contrast it with your competitors.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century & analytics is the internal combustion engine” P.Sondergaard

Privacy by Design

The security of your data is of paramount importance to us and this is why all Personal Identifiable Data is fully encrypted within a state of the art cloud service. In addition, all of your data is encrypted in transit in accordance with industry standard protocols. By adopting a privacy by design approach, we can ensure that no identifiable personal information will appear in any report.

We have conducted detailed data protection risk assessments in relation to our key business processes and have implemented a comprehensive information security policy, which we are happy to share with our clients.

HR Nectar is compliant with the following:

  • Data Protection (Jersey), Law 2018
  • ICO code of practice for anonymous data processing

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